The Reason Behind It All

Centrafin believes in forming genuine and long-term relationships with each of our clients. Our organization is dedicated to actively immersing ourselves in our clients' businesses, diligently acquiring an in-depth comprehension of their equipment finance needs, and exerting all possible endeavors to meet their unique requirements. We go the extra mile with our service and expertise.


This will be achieved through the delivery of services that are distinctly

Rapid, Reliable, and Responsive.

In essence, we STRIVE to be


and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.


Centrafin applies the Alviva Groups' values as contained in the Code of Conduct. Over and above those group wide values, Centrafin’s distinctive values that speak to our competitive advantage are captured in its mantra: Rapid Reliable Responsive.


Our vision is to be a specialist principal equipment finance business and the authority in our chosen market in South Africa. This will be achieved through the delivery of services that are distinctly Rapid, Reliable, and Responsive.


Centrafin believes in forming genuine and long-term relationships with each of our clients. At our organization, we are fully committed to immersing ourselves in our clients' businesses, diligently gaining a profound understanding of their equipment finance requirements, and tirelessly striving to meet their distinct needs with utmost dedication. We go the extra mile with our service and expertise.

How Asset finance works

Asset finance is a versatile solution applicable to various industries and assets, including manufacturing machinery, office equipment, vehicles, and mining gear. Let's take a quick look at how it works:

  • 1. Asset Selection:

    Firstly, you identify the equipment or assets your business requires, ranging from machinery to vehicles or office equipment.

  • 2. Finance Provider Selection:

    Next, you connect with a finance provider who can assist in funding these assets. Specialized firms like Centrafin can assist you by financing new assets as well as used / second-hand assets.

  • 3. Agreement on Terms:

    You and the finance provider agree on the terms of the financing arrangement, including the duration of the contract, monthly payments, and any initial deposit.

  • 4. Regular Payments:

    Subsequently, you make regular payments to the finance provider, typically on a monthly basis. These payments cover the usage cost of the asset along with interest.

  • 5. End-of-Term Options:

    Upon reaching the end of the financing term, you have several options: (1) Renew the agreement to continue using the asset. (2) Return the asset if it's no longer required. (3) Upgrade to a newer or more advanced asset.

7 Benefits you receive from us

  • We are willing and able to finance software for qualifying clients.
  • As a principal asset financier with a 20-year asset finance track record, we have the expertise and knowledge that enable us to understand your business and transactions.
  • 24-hour turnaround time on application feedback.
  • Flexible deal structures and payment terms.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance cover available.
  • Escalations on payments to meet cash flow requirements.
  • Appetite to finance a wider range of asset classes when compared to the traditional banks.
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Centrafin’s Equipment Finance Solutions

Centrafin offers funding and insurance for a wide variety of equipment, through the following mechanisms:

Equipment Rentals

An Equipment Rental (also known as an Operating Lease) is a cost-effective way of allowing you as the client the use of an asset (equipment) without having to outlay the full purchase price upfront. This allows you to retain your cash for working capital requirements. As a small business, you have the option (provided that your business qualifies) to treat your operating leases off balance sheet. Thus, it is possible to enjoy income tax savings by claiming rental payments as a tax expense.

For example: You need equipment for your business – perhaps it is a TLB for construction, or laptops for your staff. You don’t necessarily want to purchase the equipment with cash.  

In this instance, an Equipment Rental is a feasible solution. Centrafin, as the funder and Hirer, will buy the equipment you need on your behalf, and in turn you pay Centrafin a monthly rental.

Benefits associated with Equipment Rentals (Operating Rentals) are as follows:

Say for instance you have a consultancy firm, and you currently have outdated IT equipment. You need to upgrade your IT equipment every 3 years or so to better equip your staff with the latest technology. By opting for an Equipment Rental, you can upgrade your IT equipment when needed without the burden of ownership of the equipment (where you need to physically sell your old IT equipment each time you want to upgrade).

  • Rentals are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense, therefore minimizing income tax obligations
  • VAT is not capitalized upfront but rather paid monthly with each rental. VAT on the rental will be regarded as input VAT in your VAT computations

While deposits are required for more expensive capital equipment, it won’t be a requirement for transaction sizes below a certain threshold.

By using Centrafin, you will not be using your credit facilities with your banks and thus your exposure with each respective funder can be managed. We are a principal funder.

Small businesses (provided they qualify) may still treat their operating leases as off balance sheet funding. Larger businesses should consult with their auditors regarding the adoption of IFRS 16.

Instalment Sale Agreements
An instalment sale agreement is a credit agreement between Centrafin and the client where an asset (equipment) is purchased by Centrafin and financed to the client. The client will repay the loan over an agreed period. Ownership of the equipment automatically transfers to the client. An asset and liability is noted on the client’s balance sheet. The VAT of the asset being financed can be claimed by the client up front. Sars allows you to claim back interest charges as well as a wear-and-tear allowance.
Short Term Insurance
Centrafin can arrange insurance of your equipment for replacement value, on your behalf. Centrafin clients are also offered an obligation free opportunity for an assessment of your current insurance portfolio.

Equipment classes we finance

Including but not limited to:


Office Automation

Office Automation is an essential component of modern workplaces, encompassing a range of technology and software solutions designed to streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, and improve overall efficiency. From document management systems to virtual meetings and workflow automation, these tools empower businesses to adapt to the demands of a digital and interconnected world.


Security & Surveilance

Security and Surveillance is integral to addressing safety concerns and mitigating risks in diverse environments. From CCTV cameras and access control systems to biometric identification technology, these tools help safeguard properties, assets, and public spaces. Given South Africa's emphasis on crime prevention and security enhancement, the adoption of advanced security and surveillance equipment plays a significant role in maintaining secure environments and promoting public safety.


Audio Visual

Audio Visual equipment serves as a vital communication and entertainment tool, facilitating effective presentations, events, and multimedia experiences. From projectors and screens to sound systems and video conferencing setups, this equipment enhances connectivity and engagement in professional settings.


Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment forms the backbone of the nation's industrial production capabilities. Ranging from automated machinery and assembly lines to precision tools, this equipment drives the creation of a wide range of goods across sectors such as automotive, electronics, and textiles | CNC Machines; Injection Moulding Machines; Laser Cutting Machines; Assembly Lines; 3D Printers; Robotic Arms; Conveyor Systems; Industrial Presses; Textile Machinery; Packaging Machinery; Sheet Metal Machinery; Woodworking Machinery; Printing Presses; Welding Machines; Extrusion Machines; Die-Casting Machines; Mixing and Dispensing Equipment; Food Processing Equipment; Quality Control Systems, etc.


Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling equipment is pivotal to the nation's diverse industries and logistical operations. Ranging from forklifts and conveyors to automated systems, this equipment facilitates the movement, storage, and transportation of goods and materials across various sectors such as mining, manufacturing, and distribution | Forklifts; Conveyor Systems; Cranes; Hoists; Pallet Jacks; Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs); Stackers; Shelving and Racking Systems; Sortation Systems; Robotic Material Handlers; Lift Tables; Bulk Material Handling Equipment; Aerial Work Platforms; Vacuum Lifters; Pneumatic Tube Systems; Warehouse Robots; Bucket Conveyors; Roller Conveyors, etc.


Plant Equipment

Plant Equipment is the backbone of the nation's industrial infrastructure, encompassing a wide array of machinery and devices used in manufacturing, construction, and other heavy industries. From assembly lines and processing units to specialised tools, this equipment ensures the efficient production of goods and the completion of large-scale projects.


Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles are a vital component of the nation's transportation and trade networks. Ranging from delivery vans to larger trucks, these vehicles facilitate the movement of goods and services across urban and rural areas. Given South Africa's diverse economy and vast geography, commercial vehicles play a crucial role in supporting businesses, industries, and the overall economy by ensuring efficient logistics and distribution | Delivery Vans; Panel Vans; Pickup Trucks; Refrigerated Trucks; Box Trucks; Flatbed Trucks; Tanker Trucks; Dump Trucks; Curtain Siders; Utility Trucks; Tow Trucks; Waste Collection Trucks; Mobile Cranes, etc.


Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment and technology plays a critical role in delivering healthcare services across diverse communities and regions. From advanced diagnostic imaging systems to telemedicine platforms, these tools facilitate improved patient care, early disease detection, and remote medical consultations | X-ray machines; MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners; CT (Computed Tomography) scanners; Ultrasound machines; PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanners; Ventilators; Defibrillators; Anesthesia machines; Hemodialysis machines; Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines; Patient monitors (vital signs monitoring); ECG (Electrocardiogram) machines etc


Power Generation

Power Generation equipment serves as a vital backup power solution to mitigate electricity supply challenges and load shedding. These devices, ranging from portable generators to industrial-grade units, provide critical electricity during outages, enabling essential services and maintaining operations | Inverter Generators; Standby Generators; Industrial Generators; Diesel Generators; Gas Generators; Biogas Generators; Hybrid Generators; Trailer-Mounted Generators; PTO (Power Take-Off) Generators, etc.


Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy technology in South Africa involves harnessing natural resources such as sunlight and wind to generate sustainable power. As a country, we are working towards adopting these technologies to diversify our energy mix, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and mitigate environmental impact | Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems; Hydropower; Concentrated Solar Power (CSP); Bioenergy; Waste-to-Energy; Wave and Tidal Energy; Geothermal Energy; Energy Storage etc.


Construction & Mining / Yellow Metal

Construction & Mining / Yellow Metal equipment is essential to South Africa's resource-intensive economy. The country is a global leader in mining, with vast reserves of minerals like gold, platinum, and coal. Yellow metal equipment, predominantly heavy machinery like excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks, play a pivotal role in extracting and transporting these valuable resources | Excavators; Bulldozers; Dump Trucks; Loaders; Drilling Rigs; Haul Trucks; Graders; Backhoes; Crushers; Conveyors; Shovels; Scrapers; Water Trucks; Crushing and Screening Equipment; Rock Breakers; etc.


IT & Hardware Solutions

IT and Hardware Solutions form the backbone of the country's rapidly evolving technological landscape. Ranging from computers, servers, and networking devices to mobile devices and software systems, IT equipment powers most sectors. As South Africa embraces digital transformation, these tools enable connectivity, innovation, and information sharing, playing a crucial role in shaping the nation's modernization journey | Desktop Computers; Laptop Computers; Tablets; Servers; Networking Equipment; Storage Devices; Monitors; UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply); Point of Sale (POS) Systems; Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Devices; Biometric Devices, etc.


The Story and its People

Centrafin commenced operations in October 2002 as an independent financial intermediary in the operating rental market. In June of 2010, Alviva Holdings Ltd acquired 51% shareholding in the company and in March 2012 Centrafin became a full subsidiary of the group.

Since then, Centrafin has transformed from being a broker to a primary funder, carrying its own in-house finance and debtors’ book.

October 2002

Centrafin entered the rental
finance market as an independent financial intermediary

June 2010

Alviva Holdings Ltd acquired
51% shareholding in the company

March 2012

Centrafin became a full subsidiary of the Alviva Group

May 2016

Centrafin started securitization

December 2017

Centrafin rebranded and moved to our new building

August 2018

Centrafin expanded, adding a
Corporate Asset Finance (CAF) Division

December 2019

Centrafin collaborated with PSG under the banner of Centrasure

June 2021

Advances book surpasses the R1 billion landmark

March 2023

Advances book nearing R1.5 billion


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Executive Team


JENNY GILL - Managing Director PMD (Cum Laude) (Gordon institute of Business Science)

Jenny has been involved in the rental finance industry since its inception in South Africa in the late 1980s, participating in pioneering the funding of operating rentals through a securitisation vehicle during her tenure at Sasfin Bank. She has worked with various major finance houses until she started her own brokerage in 1999. In 2002, Jenny became a founder director of Centrafin and has served as its Managing Director for the past 19 years. She has seen the company grow from a brokerage to a fully-fledged finance house, employing over 50 staff, and managing a book of R1.5 Billion in 2023

JOHAN FOURIE - Chief Operating Officer BCOM (Hon) Financial Management (University of Pretoria)

Johan started his career in the motor industry and, from where in 2005, he entered the rental finance industry when he started with Merchant West Asset Finance. He joined Centrafin in 2008 as Financial Manager. In 2010, he was promoted to Financial Director, shortly before Centrafin was taken over by Pinnacle Technology Holdings Ltd (now Alviva Holdings Ltd) in 2010. In the 15 years with Centrafin Johan has successfully raised over R1.6 billion in funding for Centrafin, pivotal to the phenomenal growth of the Business. The 7-year-old Securitization vehicle provides sustainable funding, enabling growth for the Business, from R350 million to R1.3 billion in approved facilities with multiple funders over the years. Since being promoted to COO in 2022 various departments now report to him with strategy implementation being a key focus.


Martin started his career in the engineering and manufacturing industry. He entered the asset finance industry in 2007 with Merchant West. He fulfilled various roles during his tenure there with the last being at executive level as a director from 2015. Martin then joined the Centrafin team in 2018 where he started the Corporate Asset Finance division. He was promoted to Director in 2022 at Centrafin and he oversees all business development activities for the organisation.
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Over 27 000 accounts with Centrafin.

Principal value of loans financed through Centrafin amounts to over R4 Billion.


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