It is through synergy and responsible policies that we will achieve our mission to create sustainable wealth for all our stakeholders.



Through talent acquisition and organic growth we plan to use “out-the-box” thinking to achieve innovative finance solutions within our market segment



At Centrafin we value

  • Our Shareholders

  • Our Stakeholders

  • Our Customers

  • Our Staff

  • Our Policies

  • Our Integrity

  • Your Time



The expertise and systems housed within Centrafin enables turnkey solutions for customers wishing to acquire technology-based equipment or bridge a funding requirement for a specific project.

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Friday, April 28, 2017
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Time is Money

Technology doesn't stand still - why should your finance options?

At Centrafin, we appreciate that time is money. We pride ourselves in our ability to structure finance solutions which best meet the needs of our partner.

In addition Centrafin provides a standard range of finance products including Operating Rental, Hire and Service Agreements and Short Term Project Finance.

Operating Rental enables customers to acquire equipment key to the operations of the business and have the added benefit of being able to upgrade equipment as technology changes.  Where applicable, Operating Rental Finance provides a fully tax deductible operating expense to a business.

The expertise and systems housed within Centrafin enable turnkey solutions for customers wishing to acquire office automation and technology equipment.  We can tailor our solution to the customer’s specific requirements.

Tamassa Resort Incentive

Financial Benefits

Benefits of Rental Include
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • Operating Expense
  • No Capital budget required
  • Off Balance sheet finance
  • Use of Technology
  • Refresh Technology on an on-going basis
  • Escalations to suit cash flow
  • VAT paid monthly
  • Why Rent?
    Paul Getty, one of the world’s richest men said

    “If it appreciates – buy, it;

    if it depreciates lease it.”

    Or in this instance, rent it.



    Change to an Operating Rental / Lease model

    “There has been a longstanding tradition in most ICT departments to want to own the technology they deploy. Changes in both the economy and technology in recent years, however, are putting pressure on this tradition.

    More than Accounting: Changing to an opex model is more than an accounting manoeuvre, it brings about a fundamental change in the way IT and ICT is procured and financed.

    Key difference: Who owns the technology and how it is financed; -with Capex you own the asset. With Opex, someone else owns the technology and you just pay to use it.

    Positioning: By getting long term ICT costs woven into annual opex budget, they become positioned alongside other core costs of sale which can shift quickly to engage in new technology opportunities as they arise.” Greg Barker


    Time is Money

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